Healthcare Logistics and Services in this Chain: Pharmaceutical Warehousing


Our innovative supply chain solutions reflect the shift from traditional distribution models and product transparency in the multi-billion dollar global biopharma industry. Our GMP/ GDP warehouse and distribution services include FEFO pick, clinical trial management, and display configuration. All of this is controlled by our in-house pharmacists.

Delivery services are cost-effective and efficient. They include next-day delivery, direct-to-hospital department deliveries, and 24/7 standby service. We are experts in biologicals, pharmaceuticals (prescription, generics, and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs), vaccines, active pharmaceutical components (APIs), and clinical trial material.

Medical devices and diagnostics

It is becoming increasingly challenging to manage the complex nature of sourcing as more manufacturing is being outsourced in this multi-billion-dollar market. In-hospital replenishments, consignment management, white-glove deliveries, and other innovative services are needed by pharmacies and hospitals.

Pharmaceutical warehousing for more than twenty years, we have been providing customized supply chain solutions and healthcare logistics catalog services to medical devices and diagnostics markets. Services include managing orthopedic loaner kits, consignment stock administration, preparation procedure-based carts, sterile picking, cleanrooms, technical repair and work centers, 24/7 service, and spare parts management.

We have a large base of customers for medical devices, including all types (I, Ia, IIb, and III).

Personal care and medical products

Our supply chain solutions to hospitals, pharmacies, and care homes are flexible and efficient, meeting your ever-growing need for high-value logistics services in healthcare delivery.

In-hospital and direct delivery models are critical success factors for this high-volume, fast-growing market. These include hospital consumables, nutritional and clinical foods, latex gloves, and other disposables. We manage dedicated warehouse operations for multi-users and regional distribution centers with control towers, some of which handle over 1000 shipments per day.

The services include:

  • Packaging.
  • Repackaging and labeling the goods.
  • Kitting the goods before they are sent to the hospital.

We are experts in delivering products to various destinations, from retail outlets to pharmacies to direct to patients.

Hospitals and care homes

Our efficient supply chains help improve visibility and decrease costs. This helps improve patient care at hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and at home with the help of e-health solutions.
Our services include direct delivery of hospital wards, good sterile logistics, drug management, and operational procurement. We also manage medical supplies management and disposal of hazardous waste.

Pharma cold chains

Temperature monitoring is necessary for your pharma supply chain to ensure that your product remains safe and sound. This is critical for pharmacists and health workers as it assures them that the medicine they are dispensing meets all requirements. Patients need to be assured that the medication they are using is safe.

Transporting pharmaceuticals was traditionally done using packaging. This helps to ensure that the product is safe and stays within the prescribed temperature ranges. As safety requirements and time constraints have increased, supply chains have become more complicated. The complexity is further heightened by Good Distribution Practice (GDP). GDP demands that medicines be obtained from licensed supply chains and stored, transported, and handled according to prescribed conditions. Three temperature zones are available for cold chains: 15C-25C, 2C-8C, and -20C. We specialize in cold supply chain services and can tailor solutions to meet your specific handling and transport requirements. We offer brokerage services that include a network of compliant and qualified cold chain facilities. We are dedicated to providing exceptional service for every transaction.

The needs of pharmaceutical logistics

The pharmaceutical industry’s supply chain is subject to strict regulations regarding the transport and storage of the products. Many pharmaceutical products, particularly medications, have properties that aid in the recovery and protection of patients and animals from illness. It is essential to maintain these properties throughout distribution for them to reach the end consumer in perfect condition. It is necessary to maintain the benefits and properties of pharmaceutical products by controlling their temperature and ensuring they are stored in the right environment. The four major sections of specialized pharmaceutical logistics are based on product characteristics.

Three key factors are currently having an impact on pharmaceutical logistics. These include the widespread availability of generic drugs, personalized medicines, and the rise in biotechnology.
The high use of generic medicines has increased competition in the pharmaceutical sector. This has led to the outsourcing of logistics services to improve efficiency.
Personalized medicine is a smaller order that the industry prepares, making it more expensive to produce and transport. This is an opportunity for logistics companies that are skilled in adapting to these processes.

Companies specializing in pharmaceutical logistics can also benefit from the growth of biotechnological businesses both inside and outside our country.
Airpharm Logistics is the leader in pharmaceutical distribution and logistics.


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