Are You A Horror Snob?

Are You A Horror Snob?

There are many different types of horror fans. There are general horror fans that like the thrill of being scared. They will venture out into the cold cruel world and risk their lives to make it to the theater for a good scare.

There are horror fans that enjoy specific genres more than others and will watch, let’s say, any supernatural horror flick that comes across their path.

But each of these groups doesn’t necessarily hang posters on their wall, nor do they drive hours to see a film in a theater or attend conventions.

However, hardcore horror fans love all sub-genres, get excited about any horror film that hits the theater, buys multiple physical copies of a release, attends conventions, and has creepy posters on their wall. These are indeed true horror fans, supporters of the genre in general, and will give any horror film release a fair shot. These are not snobs, these are the “good guys”.

They help it thrive, support it, invest in it and embrace the efforts of those trying to bring fresh material to a world of entertainment that has become somewhat regurgitated. Basically a positive influence within the horror community. They will also have a positive outlook in the most horrendous failed attempts by a horror filmmaker.

Horror snobs are… well… snobs. Like snobs in any other field, they are those that like what they like, and others’ opinions are wrong. They think people with a different opinion then their own don’t know what they are talking about. They have an answer to everything and every answer given to them is wrong. The “know-it-alls”.

I’ve compiled a short list of questions (below). Answer as honestly as possible and based on those questions it will determine if you are a horror snob or not. After answering the questions see the results at the bottom of the page. (These are questions I made up. There is no scientific proof they are accurate. But just observations from what I call “snobs”.  This post was not put here to upset anyone, after all I don’t PERSONALLY know you and have no idea how you will answer the questions, so in no way am I pointing YOU out, the individual reader. Again, this is my opinion)

Answer yes or no to the following…

  1. When a new studio, theatrical horror film is announced do you immediately jump on social media and say how shitty it’s going to be, without seeing a trailer or the film?
  2. When everyone is excited and buzzing about a film do you discredited it just because everyone else is excited about it?
  3. Do you have EVERY version release of A Serbian Film?
  4. When someone mentions how much they like a film, you personally dislike, do you let them know that they are “stupid” a “moron” or “have no taste in movies”?
  5. Instead of buying a release because you are unsure if you will like it or not, you just illegally download or stream it?


If you answered yes to ANY of #’s 1-4 you ARE A FILM SNOBAre You A

Horror Snob?

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