Everything That You Need To Know About Elevator Levels

It’s false to believe that you have a small enough space to need an elevator, or that it is too difficult to use. You can have an elevator access to any size space, no matter how small or large. There’s an elevator solution that will work regardless of the size of your space. You can even have elevator access at floating mezzanine floors! How do you know what is right? This guide will teach you everything you need about elevator levels.

How high should your lift go

Here are some ideas for those with levels that last for days. Although you can technically find a lift that goes to any height, it is not always practical or convenient. It’s better to have multiple elevators for large buildings than one that stops at each floor. It has become the standard for architects.

Are you confused? Imagine this: You are working on the 50th floor of a busy building. It could take you nearly an hour to reach the top if your lift stops at every floor (a possibility during peak travel times). Congestion is reduced and travel between floors becomes quick and simple with level clusters.

Distance traveled vs. number of stops

When installing your lift spare parts, it is important to understand the difference between travel distance (in meters) and number of stops. The travel distance is the height that a lift design can reach (in meters), while the number of stops indicates the lift’s ability to stop at specific levels. You can stop at individual floors or floating mezzanine levels.

Elevator Options on the Market

Each elevator company is unique, so the types of lifts and heights they can reach will vary. Many companies will only focus on one type of building (i.e. When narrowing down your options, keep this in mind: residential elevators, high-rise skyscrapers or low-rise commercial.

Commercial lifts

You want a DDA-certified lift that is tailored to your commercial space, no matter how tall or small. Let’s take a look at what this means and how it applies to you. While residential lifts can still be customized to suit your needs, a public-use elevator must work for everyone. If you need buttons in a tight spot or high up, it may not pose a problem if you are using it for personal use. However, it can be dangerous for people with visual impairments and those in wheelchairs to find them in public spaces.

DDA-certified lifts can be used to meet all needs. This article contains more information about lift requirements for commercial spaces: Why Your building Needs an Elevator.

Residential lifts

Any residential lift designed to fit your home will work well. Your personal style and preferences are the most important factors. Here are some facts about residential lifts.

  • You can customize residential lifts to travel up to 12m (or 6 stops).
  • To save space, your lift can be installed either inside or outside the house.
  • You can make the cabin as small as 650x850mm

Mini Lifts

You need something small? Mini lifts are a special option. Mini lifts are suitable for commercial and residential spaces. They can reach as low as 1 meter, and allow access to elevated platforms, above ground buildings, porches, and other features.

Platinum Elevators Lifts at a Glance

Platinum Elevators is able to help with any job, large or small. There are many residential and commercial options. Want to know the basics? You don’t need to look further:


  • Travel distances up to 18m
  • Stops: 4-6 stops for the standard 12m and below lifts, with additional options for the 18m Maxi
  • Regulations: WorkSafe Australia Registration, Disability Discrimination Act (DDA)


  • Distance to Travel: Maximum 12m
  • Stops: 5-6
  • Regulations: Australian building codes code AS1735.18

Mini lifts

  • Distance to Travel: Up to 2m
  • Stops: 1
  • Regulation: DDA, Australian Building Standards Codes AS1735.14 and AS1735.15

Next Level Lifts – The highest lifts anywhere in the world

Prepare for jaw-dropping (and some entertainment).

While most high-rise buildings have multiple elevators, there are still some exceptional feats that can be achieved. Guangzhou CTF Finance Center has the fastest elevator on the planet, covering 95 floors in 43 seconds. We don’t think so. Have a look…

Although the idea of being hurled up and down 95 floors at a time is enough to make you dizzy, Guangzhou CTF Finance Center also has 93 smaller elevators that help reduce congestion and make it easier for everyone to get around the building. You’ll be amazed (and inspired) at the 5 most amazing elevators in the world if your curiosity has aroused.

There is an elevator solution for every size building. Elevator access can be implemented at any distance, from 1 meter to 100 m.

We can help you if you are unsure where to start. For more information about what we offer, get in touch with us today. To see it all, visit our showroom.

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