10 Apps and tools to make working from home easier

To simplify your life, you have to get rid of systems that don’t help you anymore. These are systems that are redundant, don’t do anything for you, or make it harder to get results. When you simplify, you become more efficient, which means you get more done and your business makes more money.

Since I’ve been working remotely for almost a decade, I have my own list of apps and tools that I use all the time. I hope these help you in your WFH life or at least point you in the right direction to find better options. Or you can contact professionals like Accely indian website.




Rebrandly is a platform for shortening URLs that has more than one use. You can not only change and shorten links, but you can also make Facebook-safe URLs. Some shortened URLs get blocked by Facebook, but no matter how many times I share Rebrandly links, they never get blocked. Rebrandly lets you save your own links and put them in “workspaces” so that work-related links are easy to find. Now all of my resource folders are neat and I never lose a link.




A must-have for messenger marketing! Copied is like a built-in clipboard for your keyboard that stores your most-used scripts. You no longer have to switch between apps to copy and paste your notes. Copy lets you press one key on your keyboard and you’re done. Your scripts, notes, and hashtags are all easy to find.


Google Drive


Google is great at storing and sharing digital files, which is why so many businesses use Google Drive for their digital filing needs. Under the Free Plan, you get a huge 15GB. I have 2TB for less than $10 a month right now. All of my photos, videos, and PDF guides are in folders that are easy to find and are ready to be shared and used by everyone in my organization.


Facebook Creator Studio


Facebook Creator Studio has been around for a while as a way to organize and schedule content on your Facebook fanpage. Recently, they added the ability to schedule content for Instagram as well. And very recently, the Creator Studio mobile app made it possible to do all of that on your phone. Why did Facebook wait so long to do this? You might think that being able to post and schedule through the app is a basic feature they should have had a long time ago… but that’s just how Facebook is.




Let’s start talking about Instagram Stories. I’m glad Instagram took a step toward making it easier to share longer videos on Stories by letting you record a continuous video that gets split into 15-second clips automatically. It’s still not perfect, though, because Instagram only lets you record for one minute before it stops. Totally throws off the rhythm! So, I use the camera on my phone to record longer videos, but I don’t edit them myself. Instead, I use CutStory to do the work for me. CutStory lets you split long videos into 15-second clips for Instagram stories, 20-second clips for Facebook Stories, 30-second clips, 1-minute clips, or custom lengths.




Milkshake is a website builder that was made mainly for Instagram (to be your bio-website), but I found it to be a great way to make homepages for your content or products and share your link on all of your platforms, as if you had just made a fully functional website. The templates on Milkshake are so pretty, and it’s so easy to make a website with them. I made mine in 10 minutes, and it’s put together well and has about 6 pages. Even a beginner can do it because Milkshake makes it so easy to understand.

There are still some restrictions, like not being able to upload videos or host audio. At first, people thought that it was just an improved version of Linktree, which was a way to organize links to your main platform. But if you try it, you’ll see why it can change your life so much and why I don’t think it’s anything like Linktree.




The old way of bookmarking has been improved by Pocket. If you curate content and do a lot of research, Pocket lets you save important webpages from your browser, tag them, and organize them in a way that makes them easy to find. This app really only does that one thing, but it does that one thing very well.




Sign up for Trello if you want a simple way to work on your daily, weekly, and monthly goals. You can make projects on Trello, work on them with your team, and set deadlines while using a kanban view. Most collaboration platforms charge for even the most basic features, but Trello’s free plan has a lot to offer.




If you’ve been keeping track of customers, projects, and tasks with Excel, you need to upgrade right away. Airtable is that upgrade, my friends.

Airtable looks a lot like Excel, but it is much easier to use and has a lot more features. I’ve been using Airtable to keep track of customers, orders, projects, team progress, inventory, and even digital content. Its dynamic cells make it easy to upload attachments, change the status of certain tasks, and do other advanced tasks that would take me a lot of time and skill to do in Excel.


Display Purposes


Hashtags on Instagram can be a pain if you’re always not sure what to use them for. Display Purposes gets rid of that hassle and tells you exactly which hashtags to use. Just go to the website, type in the main hashtag you want to use (for example, #socialmedia), and Display Purposes will give you 30 popular and trending hashtags that are related. Copy all of those tags, paste them on your copied clipboard, and you’re ready to go with those posts.

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