Buying a Baby Dresser and Changing Table

Buying a Baby Dresser and Changing Table
Posted by Julian Arnold

Dressers have been a fixture in the nursery for years. From changing your baby’s diapers to bathing and other day-to-day tasks, a changing table is indispensable. As your baby grows, however, she will need more than a changing table. She will probably want her own chair, or even a cabinet with a changing table top. And now you need to know what kinds of baby dressers are available to meet these needs.

There are two basic styles for dressers. They are either wood, or metal. Wood baby dressers are usually lower in price, but they don’t hold up as well as the metal ones. You do have the choice of choosing a rustic yet modern style, or even a modern design that has an internal changing table. The only drawback to metal baby dressers is they tend to be heavier than other styles, so if you expect your baby to grow into a little girl, you’ll want to invest in a heavier-duty style.

While metal baby dressers generally come with a small drawer under the breast support, many also come with a larger drawer in which to store a changing pad and other items. This means that you can also buy a changing table with drawers, but the cost will go up significantly since you will have to buy a drawer with a separate handle. An advantage of having drawers is you can keep small objects in the drawers such as toys, so it is a good idea to choose drawers with small, flat drawers.

In order to determine which of the many baby dressers on the market is best suited to your needs, you need to understand the basic functions of each style. The first function is the top. Most baby dressers have a top that can be flipped up and down to store clothes, and some can even be converted into a toddler table so your child can eat her own baby food while she sits in the seat of the dresser. You should select the top with the most amount of space to allow for proper storage of clothing, as well as being able to keep objects away from your child while she is eating.

The second function of dressers is the bottom drawer. This is designed to hold diapers or other baby products, which are important since they will likely get dirty and need to be cleaned regularly. Some baby dressers are designed with two or three drawers, while others only have one or two. A majority of these dressers however can be converted into a changing table, making it easier to change diapers or store other items that need to be in a convenient place. The two-drawer dressers tend to be a little bit more expensive than the single drawer ones, but they tend to offer better quality than the cheaper options.

A fourth function is an additional feature to consider when purchasing a baby dresser; it needs to have a center drawer that locks or at least contains locks, since a baby’s head can grow quickly and they can accidentally knock their head against the dresser or drawer. The locking drawer option may cost slightly more than a dresser without a locks feature, especially if it is made of wood and there is no anti-tipping device. An anti-tipping device on a four-drawer dresser however will probably cost more than one without one.

Other popular models of dressers include the 6 drawer universal, changing table with trays, changing pad and changing table with pull out drawers. These styles generally come in sets including the five, eight, nine and the 12 drawer universal. The six drawer universal style however is priced more affordably, with the exception of the changing table with trays which will run you between eight hundred and twelve hundred dollars.

Drawers are generally sold separately from the units, which are all sold as a matched set. A matching changing table and drawer combination can also be found for the six drawer, changing pad and drawer styles. Some baby furniture stores offer matching units that can be purchased for a few dollars more than buying them separately and may include the matching drawers that match the unit. This makes shopping for a baby crib and dressing table fun and a bit less expensive.

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